I’ve had a few folks ask me what program I use to tell who is finding FlackRabbit through searching for stuff on Google. It’s called Google Analytics and it’s free, but you are gonna have to have a web dude hook it up for you or be a web dude yourself. Thanks, Dave!

Anyway, Analytics tells me how many visitors I get to my site, what they click on when they get there, where they found my link (Facebook, Twitter, some blog, etc.), what state and city they live in, how long they stayed on the site,  what page they exited from, etc.  My favorite thing though is the list of terms called Google Keywords. I can scroll through the list and find the terms folks Googled that then led them to my site.

Like this one:

fun with Google Keywords

What? I know. I have no clue why my website pops up when someone Googles this. Or this. Which is why it’s so funny.

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