{Looks like several of you are taking me up on the offer to have your communications, PR and geek thoughts featured on FlackRabbit. Yay! Our first guest post is a quick WordPress/iPhone tutorial by the fabulous Joe Flood of Washington, D.C.}

Now that I’m sure you have your own WordPress blog, thanks to Margie, let’s make it look good on an iPhone. You don’t want people to have to zoom in or squint to look at your web pages in the iPhone’s tiny browser. Instead, you want something that looks formatted for the ubiquitous Apple product. Like this:

Notice how neatly this fits into the iPhone’s browser. The blog post titles are shown, with a minimum of formatting. Date, title, author, categories are listed. The numbers in red indicate the number of comments on the post.

If you click on one of the entries, here’s what you see:

If you’re using WordPress.com for your blog (a good idea), then you don’t need to worry about it – they’ve taken care of the iPhone formatting for you. Relax and have a drink.

If you have your own domain name and are running self hosted WordPress, then you need to install a WordPress plugin called WPTouch. It creates a stripped-down version of your site and presents it to iPhone browsers. To install it, just go to the Plugins directory on your site, select “add new” and search for WPTouch. Installing the plugin takes all of one click.

Web browsing has gone mobile so it’s essential that marketers have iPhone-friendly web sites. And with WPTouch, it’s easy.

Joe Flood is a writer, photographer and web person. He’s written articles, short stories, an award-winning screenplay and recently published his first novel, Murder in Ocean Hall. Learn more at joeflood.com.

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