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Three common misconceptions about a public relations career


So you think you can flack? You probably can. Before you jump in–and if you want to do it well–you’ll need to keep these truths in mind:

1. The PR profession about more than just being a “people person”–it’s great that you love people. I love people. But that will only take you so far, as in, through your internship. After that, you’ll also need to be “a good writer” and “a good listener.” You’ll also need to demonstrate a strategic mind and an appetite for winning. A love of people is great, but it does not a PR superstar make.

2. PR is not a 9 to 5 gig–I don’t know who puts the idea into folks’ heads that public relations is a glamorous profession. The most effective flacks I know work long hours and spend at least a portion of their weekends trolling the Internet for news and opinion pieces, social media trends and client opportunitiesNot to mention all the non-billable hours spent defending new/fabulous/sort-of-scary/innovative ideas. You know those communicators that you are always looking at and thinking “how they heck did he think of that?” I guarantee you he’s either A) extremely experienced and or B) lives and breathes his work. Hey, I never said it was a healthy lifestyle, just an effective one. Read More…


YOU are your best flack | Her Nashville Chic Geek, November

I’ve had a good deal of positive feedback from November’s Her Nashville Chic Geek column; thanks for taking the time to email, Tweet and Facebook-wall me with your thoughts!

My latest column tells the true story of a gal (who’s name has been changed) who showed up to a networking event with the best of intentions, but failed to bring along business cards. This got me to thinking of how important it is to be prepared to sell yourself, your talents, your brains and your intentions at a moments’ notice: Read More…