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See you there: South by Southwest Interactive 2011

As you know, Team Newman has had a crush on South by Southwest Interactive since 2006. We took 2010 off (the thought of attending one more Twitter-focused conference was too much for us) but will be back with geeky bells on this March.

They’ve got a list of confirmed (but subject to change) key notes and sessions here. Blessedly, this year there are plenty of great topics that do not revolve around Facebook and Twitter.

Are you going? If so, let’s connect over at SXsocial. Looking forward to meeting you–and to the Chris Brogan and/or Guy Kawasaki sighting(s), free beer, stickers and the sea of hooded-sweatshirt-wearing-Apple-toting geeks.

From the FlackRabbit Archives:


Taking a SXSW Interactive break

Here's a shot of Team Newman in the wild at SXSW 2007. Many thanks to Joe Flood for the documentation.

This is the first year since 2006 that one or both members of Team Newman are not making an appearance at South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi), the geek conference in Austin, TX.

It’s not that we haven’t loved it. Our SX adventures of yore enabled us to be among the first to try Twitter, discover Ze Frank, meet our good friend Joe Flood and give Gowalla a go. It also did wonders for our sticker collection. But after AT&T’s Great Network Failure of 2009, and attending one-too-many Twitter panels, we’re taking a break.

We wish many a Chris Brogan and Guy Kawasaki sighting, much fabulous swag and free beer to those thousands of social media guinea pigs in attendance. Have fun and consume tons of Stubbs BBQ for us!
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SXSW Interactive: Day 4

me and zappos ceo Day 4 involved a little less session time and a little more tacos/fajitas/beverages. I did attempt to go to the 11:30 session called “How to Protect Your Brand Without Being a Jerk!” but got tired of listening to the panelists argue with each other and left early.

I did manage to get a lot of work done on Day 4 though, so I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.

The issue for Team Newman is this: AT&T was apparently caught off guard by the SXSWi geek migration to Austin, so our iPhones are useless. And, since our hotel gets its Internet service from AT&T, the wireless speed in our room is painfully slow. Therefore, if we are to get any work done we have to go to the Convention Center (sigh).

You can imagine how bitter we, the Internet-addicted, are right now.

BUT the good news is that we found a place here in Austin called Rio Grande and we loved the food there so much that we ate there twice on Day 4. The best part: they make FlackRabbit-sized mango margaritas! Adorable AND yummie!

henna on my hand!We also went to a couple of fun parties where my hand got some fashion henna and my hubby got a cool t-shirt. Then of course there was the Gowalla party. We got there right as the doors opened and scored some free shirts and beer. AND got to meet Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh (see above photo). He was quite nice and also very introverted, which surprised me a little.

All in all, Day 4 was great. I’m looking forward to Day 5, especially the “core conversation” about non-profits and web tech.

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Austin: day 0

After a two-hour ice/sleet/WTF-is-this-weather delay, Team Newman arrived safely in Austin this morning around 11. We moseyed to our fabulous hotel with complementary wireless, got a little work done and then headed out to have the Best Margarita EVERworld’s best margaritas at Cantina Laredo. Oh, yes. We know it’s a chain. We don’t care.

Then it was on to the Starbucks to pick up a match to our everyday china, and now we chill in the lobby counting down the minutes til we wait in a very long line for our SXSW Interactive Team Newman everyday china, Austin. lanyards (cue heavenly host angel chorus).

It feels good to get away on a mini work/play-cation. Need anything from Austin? Lotta beer here. Lotta coyboy hats. Feels a lot like Nashville, honestly.  :)

Oh, and thanks, Amy, for Twittering this grub suggestion. We’ll totally check it out this weekend!

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