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Tin roof, rusted: a FlackRabbit pregnancy guide (Months 1-5)

Oh, the times I’ve preached to bloggers-to-be about the importance of regularly scheduled posting. Yet, weeks have gone by since my last FlackRabbit musing. I’m sorry.

I have a fabulous excuse though: I am making a tiny human. Squeal! I know, I know! And it’s a girl! Squeeeeee!

Indeed, the newest addition to Team Newman will arrive March 10-ish—which is like, tomorrow. Yikes. Yes, we are acutely aware this due date means we cannot attend SXSW Interactive. There’s always 2013…

Despite this awesome baby news that has taken over every fiber of my being, loyal FlackRabbiters need not worry: FlackRabbit will not become a mommy blog. I promise. I just wanted to publicly let you know that my blogging absence isn’t because I don’t love you; it is because I have been kind of busy trying not to vomit at work. Or I’ve been sleeping. I’ve also been preoccupied with red meat, oatmeal cream pies, sweet tea and Zulily.

Yet, in the spirit of “this is one of the only times I’m going to blog about pregnancy on my public relations blog,” please accept (or excuse) my tiny contribution to the Internet’s generous provision of resources for the first-time-pregnant, working gal: 

FlackRabbit’s Pregnancy Guide | Months 1—5


Alpha Mom’s Pregnancy Calendar, Zero to Forty, by Amy Corbett Storch: I will not attempt to articulate its awesomeness, because I will fail.

Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy, by Vicki Iovine: laugh out loud funny and so very helpful—but not scary. Have now read it twice.

Pregnant Chicken: informative and hysterical. Plus, there are give-a-ways!


A fun pregnancy iPhone app: although I have seven of them on my phone, this one by Smiles Factory is my favorite. I like this one, too, by OB on the Go; it has a fun hydration counter thingy.

This maternity pillow: girl, I know it’s $100; worth every freakin penny. Do it.

Dresses: lots of them. And this from the gal who likes to wear suits every day.  But about six weeks into your pregnancy, those fitted suit pants of yours will.not.button. And there is nothing as awesome as a cotton dress when you’re pregnant. Well, besides eating an entire bag of BBQ chips… Read More…


See you there: South by Southwest Interactive 2011

As you know, Team Newman has had a crush on South by Southwest Interactive since 2006. We took 2010 off (the thought of attending one more Twitter-focused conference was too much for us) but will be back with geeky bells on this March.

They’ve got a list of confirmed (but subject to change) key notes and sessions here. Blessedly, this year there are plenty of great topics that do not revolve around Facebook and Twitter.

Are you going? If so, let’s connect over at SXsocial. Looking forward to meeting you–and to the Chris Brogan and/or Guy Kawasaki sighting(s), free beer, stickers and the sea of hooded-sweatshirt-wearing-Apple-toting geeks.

From the FlackRabbit Archives:



DC Flacks wrapped up our last happy hour of 2009 last night (we’ve got 68 members now – can you believe it?!). We had a great turnout and a surprise visit from Joe Flood‘s very talented (and delightful) friend Vincent, who took these FABULOUS pics of our peeps and their various appetizers.

Oh, and this hysterical shot of Team Newman in the wild:


If you are a PR or PA pro in the D.C.-area, we’d love to meet you! We simply gather each month to talk shop, meet new peeps and share a beverage. No big whoop. Join us here and follow our #DCFlacks tag on Twitter.


My romance

How do I know my computer-geek-of-a-husband is still madly in love with me? He sends me this someecard out of the blue on a Sunday morning:

Team Newman geeky romance

(girlish sigh)

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Team Newman Tour de Nashvegas: soaking it all in

The iconic Loveless Cafe sign

Image via Wikipedia

I didn’t catch on to what he was doing right away, but it seems that Dave is on a mission to ensure I eat, drink and drive around all of my favorite Nashville landmarks before our departure to DC.

So far, we’ve hit up Rose Pepper, Calypso, Yazoo, the Loveless Cafe, Old Spaghetti Factory, the Mexican place on 2nd, the Mexican place on 4th, Solo Mio (twice) and of course, CREMA.

It’s about the sweetest thing EVER, I must say. You need to understand that Dave is not a fan of the super spontaneous, loud or suburban. So to have him keep taking me to all these places on a moment’s notice at whatever time it happens to be (rush hour, happy hour, etc) really means a lot.

See, I was driving around Nashville bawling in Bobby’s Jeep (sold my car last week) thinking about how much I’m gonna miss this town and my friends, family, condo, Nashville Predators, CREMA, etc. Thanks to Dave, I’m getting to say my proper goodbyes to old Nashvegas, so I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.

FYI: it’s difficult to write a post about how sweet your husband is when he’s playing with some DISGUSTING NEW iPHONE APP the entire time you are writing nice things about him. Correction: Dave says the app is not new, just an update. We regret the error.

Anyway, folks always laugh when I say Team Newman, but that’s really what this marriage is; don’t think for a minute I don’t know how lucky we are. Even if my husband is a weirdo.

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Earth Hour Nashville rocked my face off

Team Newman and the fabulous T.T. made the one block journey to the center of Nashvegas last night for the Earth Hour Nashville festivities. And it rocked. I was particularly obsessed with the Jack’s BBQ sign, since his neon flying pigs have not ceased to fly in the decades since they were erected.

Check out some video below; lotta “Woo Hoo!” courtesy of yours truly. For all the making fun of Woo-ers that I do on a daily basis, my Woo-to-tape-ratio is rather high on this one:


And just for the record, Merchants never did go dark. Nor did Nashville Gifts. (sigh). But it was still a really cool thing to witness. For one hour, Broadway was dark and cozy; it also felt a bit like Halloween/New Years Eve. Lots of folks running around kissing each other and yelling “One hour, no power! Wooooooooo!”

Oh, and congrats to MP&F for pulling off such a fabulous, well-publicized and meaningful event. I can’t think of the last time the Nashville business community rallied around a cause like this — and so creatively!

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Austin: day 0

After a two-hour ice/sleet/WTF-is-this-weather delay, Team Newman arrived safely in Austin this morning around 11. We moseyed to our fabulous hotel with complementary wireless, got a little work done and then headed out to have the Best Margarita EVERworld’s best margaritas at Cantina Laredo. Oh, yes. We know it’s a chain. We don’t care.

Then it was on to the Starbucks to pick up a match to our everyday china, and now we chill in the lobby counting down the minutes til we wait in a very long line for our SXSW Interactive Team Newman everyday china, Austin. lanyards (cue heavenly host angel chorus).

It feels good to get away on a mini work/play-cation. Need anything from Austin? Lotta beer here. Lotta coyboy hats. Feels a lot like Nashville, honestly.  :)

Oh, and thanks, Amy, for Twittering this grub suggestion. We’ll totally check it out this weekend!

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