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Every page you surf, someone’s watching you

Big Brother 2009 (UK)
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From LinkedIn profile peeping to blog surfing, nothing you do on the Web is a secret. (Nor “semi-private,” as the Mayor of Arlington, TN will tell you.) It’s not that Big Brother is spying on you, it’s that everywhere you go, your Internet browser leaves behind a trail.

A recent example: a White House staffer reads Suburban Turmoil and Lindsay Ferrier has the screen shots to prove it.

Is it cool and fabulous that a person inside the most powerful office in the world reads Lindsay’s blog? Um, totally! Did he for one minute think the author of the blog would ever know, much less write about said visit? Nope.

Know this: nearly all Web authors–including this one–check their Google Analytics and/or StatPress-type visitor logs. We’re curious about the number of folks who find our writing interesting, how often you come back, etc. It’s actually sort of an obsession akin to watching a Chia Pet grow.

We can’t see your name or street address, but we know your city and state. We can’t see the name of your company, but we usually can see the server upon which you surf (state/federal employees!). We can even see what search term you used to find us, what Website referred you, how long you hung around and what links you clicked on.

If knowing content managers are spying on your stats makes you feel a tad icky, I’m sorry I’ve made you feel uncomfortable. That said, you know how I feel about your Web wanderings: a healthy dose of caution is always a good thing.

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Media relations: it’s not for the lazy, arrogant or apathetic

Call me

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Reading this makes me sad, but David Cay Johnston’s play-by-play on the attitude and work approach of the Obama press shop-o-newbies (answering the phone, anyway) should be required reading for every aspiring public relations pro.

I’ve read Johnston’s words three times now and each time, something different makes me cry a little stands out. Here’s a quick sample:

Its 3 p.m. and the phone in the White House press secretary’s office is ringing. It rings and rings and rings. Eventually, a recorded voice asks callers to leave a message, followed by a second voice saying the voicemail box is full. Read More…


It’s like Behind the Music, Presidential Edition (but without rehab, naked people, bankruptsy or death)

Inside the Presidency photos by Christopher Morris = coolI’m such a sucker for any kind of behind the scenes show or photo gallery. I just stumbled upon this fabulous National Geographic series called Inside the Presidency. It rocks, so I must share.

The photographer, Christopher Morris, offers up some interesting glimpses of AirForce One, The White House – even the Presidential limo. It’s a world so very foriegn to me.

I mean, I’ve got a pretty good idea of how a Governor’s office runs and what all that looks like …but the President! No matter what you think of W or Obama or whatever, these photos make the Office of the President seem just a little more tangible – a little more powerful than it already was in my mind.

Go look at it now!

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