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Happy Anniversary, DC Flacks!

On Monday, August 30,  DC Flacks joined forces with Washington Women in Public Relations to toast the one-year anniversary of DC-area PR and communications pros meeting up, talking to strangers and sharing beverages! More than 85 folks came out to Cedar in downtown DC to celebrate, greet new faces and present the DC Flacks Perfect Attendance Sash to the one and only Joe Flood. He’s only person besides me to attend every Flacks happy hour:

Photo credit: Dave Newman/GroovySoup

View all the photos here and be sure to check out this fun video, courtesy of Vocus, our DC Flacks sponsor:

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBK5_WDj0CM[/youtube] Read More…


Lately: a roundup

The past few weeks ushered in milestones, lessons learned, odd requests and fun events. July was busy and productive! Here are the highlights:

My niece was born!

Check it out, folks! The world’s cutest baby, Beverly Emmeline, was born on July 19 and I get to paint her toenails pink VERY soon! Congrats Pavis and Dave; I can’t hardly wait to teach her show tunes and jazz hands:

Photo Credit: Dave Cone or Jon Fletcher; not sure which one of those guys took this, but I’m sure Pavis will let me know when she reads this.

My MacBook died.

I was minding my own business, watching an old episode of Bones on Netflix when my beloved MacBook just up and died. And with it, took every photo, document, file and Christmas card list I’ve ever had. Even our honeymoon pictures. The fault is all mine; Dave has often encouraged me to run a copy of my data on an external drive, but I never did. Lesson learned: back that asset up, people. Read More…


Dump your Droid/iPhone 3Gs for the iPhone 4? And what this phone means for PR pros.

There are many, many great iPhone 4 reviews piling up, so I’ll spare you another one. But I am getting asked one question over and over again: folks want to know if they should dump their new Droid Incredible and formerly new iPhone 3Gs for Apple’s shiny new toy. You’ll find my answer over at HerNashville.com

I will add here at FlackRabbit that from the public relations practitioner perspective, the iPhone 4 and devices like it could allow us to use use new media to tell our clients’ stories in a much more nimble and timely way.

For instance, I think it’s freakishly cool that you could shoot quality video of a client event, edit it with iMovie, add a caption and relevant key words, and then upload it to YouTube–all from your iPhone 4. If you don’t have time to get back to your desk between meetings, it’s okay. And your client will think you’ve cloned yourself. Read More…


Viva Nashvegas

Last week, I sat 800 miles away and watched as my hometown drowned. I’ve lived in D.C. for one full year now, but Nashville is home. I’m a communicator–a good one–but I don’t know how to express how much my heart hurts for my city. I can’t find a way to verbalize it. My fingers refuse to put pressure on the keys when I try to type it out.

The good news: I don’t have to worry about my inability to explain how I feel, folks like Patten FuquaA.C. Kleinheider and countless others have said it all for me–for all of us. Powerfully, honestly, beautifully.

My one contribution to the discussion is over at Her Nashville magazine. As the post says, I’m completely in awe over the way Nashvillians are using social media platforms to communicate, connect and share information in such a meaningful way. Facebook, Twitter, text messages, YouTube, Flickr, blog posts, websites.  Nashvillians have taken to the Web and it’s working. Read More…


Google Wave explained in two minutes

Google Wave is gonna rock your worldAt most, my attention span holds up for about one hour, after that, good luck to you. This flaw is why I’ve yet to take the time to watch the two hour Google Wave intro video, which hubby has declared a must-watch. Thankfully, this guy has opened my eyes to the world wonder that is Google Wave in just TWO MINUTES.

Watch it and allow your jaw to drop as mine just did. And hey, Google, give dude an invite!


Hat tip: Lifehacker

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Still not over it: Michael Jackson

Bad ButtonWhen I was a kid, Michael Jackson was my absolute reason for getting out of bed each morning. So blinded by love was I that I never once realized that the belt and shirt he’s wearing in The Way You Make Me Feel makes him look like Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz.  I just thought he was, well, BAD. The good bad, you know.

I believed in his Badness so much that I proudly sported my convictions on a button, which I wore to school every.single day. (see picture – mine was JUST LIKE THAT).

I also remember my grampa being not-so-very supportive of my declaration of intent to marry MJ. I was quite serious. Mom was very sweet about it though: “If you still feel that way when you get older, we’ll talk about it.” Thanks, momma!


I’m quite jealous of my actual hubby for getting to see him live — twice. But as I mine YouTube for live MJ performances, I feel like I’m there. Especially when I see this one, which I remember watching, mouth gaping, as if it were yesterday:


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Goodbye, Picalicious. Hello, Vidalicious!

Vidaclious - a video a day for one year with The FlipI still can’t believe I made it an entire year with my picture-a-day experiment, Picalicious. You can read more about that here. Oddly enough, I’m pretty sad it’s over. But it’s okay because Dave is always thinking ahead. Not only did he buy me The Flip for Christmas,  he also surprised me with a new website…

Introducing VIDALICIO.US, a video a week for a year. OMG! I know!

So, if you liked Picalicious in all it’s fabulous photo and witty headline wonder – you’ll ADORE Vidalicious. Each week you’ll get to see THRILLING video such as my dog eating, my hubby painting, cookies baking and even me running down a hallway. And it’s not even January 1 yet!

Some details: I’ll be using The Flip for all of my videos, which are usually 10 – 25 seconds in length. I’ll post them to YouTube and then upload them to the site. At least one video a week, but I’m sure there will be more. Wish me luck! Not sure what the heck I’ll do for 2010; thankfully, I’ve Dave’s got a 365 days to figure that one out.

Oh! And it’s not a .com. It’s www.vidalicio.us.

I know, it’s very fancy. (Squeal!)

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